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Great meta descriptions, just like great ads, can be tough to write, but for keyword-targeted pages, particularly in competitive search results, they are a critical part of driving traffic from the engines to through to your pages. Their importance is much greater for search terms where the intent of the searcher is unclear or different searchers might have different motivations.

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  1. With first-string players seeing a majority of action, drilling against one of the NFL s most consistent franchises can only help fundamentals for Greg Schiano s club. However, an unfortunate stumble by Tom Brady captured headlines during the workouts. Spared of inevitable scrutiny had Brady been seriously hurt, perhaps the incident can help create swagger in this rebuilding team, which was shellacked 44-16 by the Baltimore Ravens during last week s preseason opener.
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  2. When the Giants selected offensive lineman Justin Pugh in the first round, it only forged his resolve further. Diehl began camp as the starter, and now that Pugh is sidelined with a concussion, the veteran should be able to keep that advantage moving forward.
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