Tailored E-Commerce and CMS websites

There are many limitations to very cheap template websites regarding: graphics, functionality and layout. At Bloom, you will get a website to your exact requirements at a competitive price. You will receive assistance right the way through the development process with the best personal service to deliver a website that will actually work for your business.

Our images, graphics and Flash animations can be made to order, and used for any website, whether it be already up and running, or currently being developed. A “starter-package” price for any of our websites will outline a cost including a basic header or logo graphic. From there, your website can be further tailored to include: customised background graphics, additional tailored box or “div tag” graphics or icons, bespoke promotional images with photo-graphical combinations, and Made to Order Flash. Any of these elements can be integrated into any of our websites, in order to create a customised showcase for your visitors. Making an impact with these elements can be the crucial difference at that all-important point of decision, when the web surfer has viewed a handful of websites, and is ready to make their decision.

There are many existing platforms out there that can be developed for free, for anyone willing or able to put in the time and effort. The problem with many of them, is that there are limitations to what you can do with them design-wise, through their standard implementation framework. I have the knowledge and development skills to tailor these platforms into highly customised websites, that are free from the constraints of their template designs, for a more powerful bespoke look.

For business owners with limited web knowledge, or who just want to keep things simple, there is the “drag & drop” widget-based website option. These websites are the easiest to update and develop by a simple process of dragging and dropping page elements such as images, paragraphs and Forms, into the desired location on a page.

Finally, to get your website actually seen on the Internet, I provide various SEO models to achieve this. I have a proven track record for gaining high SEO results for my clients, at a very reasonable cost. Also, I specialise in local businesses with a limited geographical range, ie. service businesses. I can get them better SEO results for their dollar, because of the stripped-down levels of competition in their reduced geographical ranges.

I can design your site with any requested platform; however,I have particular development experience with Joomla!, WordPress and oscommerce platforms.

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