Bespoke CMS Websites

Improve search rank with regular updates

A crucial part of achieving and maintaining high search rankings, is about updating the content on a regular basis. Certain types of website, like e-Commerce and publication-based websites, are inherently Search Engine Optimised to some degree, because of their natural update frequency. However, if you are looking to have a very SEO-competitive, smaller scale website, then the ideal solution would be to have a CMS website built. I can guide you as to the ideal choice for your immediate and future needs, taking into consideration your plans for business growth.

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CMS choices range from a very easy to use drag & drop widget-based option, through to the more advanced CMSs, where tens-to-hundreds of pages and page sections can be updated concurrently. Let us know what your business objectives are, and I can help you to make the right choice for your needs. For example; WordPress is perfect for people who are looking for a CMS with highly customisable functionality, with it’s massive range of impressive, freely available plugins.


The other job of a good designer is to produce a stunning, personalised website, with a content & layout that will be engaging, and thus put them in front of any competition who opt for the cheap solution in their market. Cutting corners shows in the design, no matter what some of the “conveyor belt designers” tell you. Tailored design work takes time and therefore costs more. You do get what you pay for like anything else. I can produce a tailored design, for not a great deal more than many of these cheapey design templates can.

There are many free, smaller-scale (open source) CMSs’ out there, such as ‘WordPress’ and ‘Movable Type’. These platforms are freely available to anyone with the time and patience to put a basic template in place. The problem is, firstly; is it the correct CMS platform for you? The job of a designer is to not only save the business proprietor lots of work and headaches in the production, but also guide them toward making the correct choice of CMS for their specific needs, in the first place. This is because there is no such thing as: “one size fits all”; all solutions vary to the different requirements. I have the industry knowledge to guide you toward the correct choice for your requirements and experience. Secondly, it will look both basic (as an “off the peg” installation lacking company identity), and under-perform without any SEO expertise applied to the new website.

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