Starter Websites

A sleek brochure website to get you going

Your website graphics will be combined with top quality photography, taken from an extensive library of professional photos, and all layed out within a user-friendly, elegant, and vibrant design. If you think that you may be only updating your website about once a month at most, then our “starter” brochure website package would be perfect for you. The package consists of three pages that can be revised without limit, and like any other website, can be extended considerably.

Abstract graphic for Brochure Website Design service



If you think that you may need to update your website more frequently than this, or if you are looking for a website that will rank highly in the search engines; then it will be more beneficial for you to opt for a website that you can edit yourself, over time. I offer a very well priced User-Edit option (also known as a CMS-Content Management System), including the customised graphics. Click the red button on the right to take you there.


For more information on the various methods to give your website increased visibility (SEO-Search Engine Optimisation & others) and hence profits, please contact us through the homepage form, telephone, or have a read through the information on this website, under the navigation bar item “Internet Marketing”.

The featured website to the upper right is a starter site with portfolio, designed with a “minimalist” graphical style. Restraint was exercised regarding any custom menus and Flash elements, to keep the cost down. The client is adding additional photos to their portfolio at their leisure, ‘as and when’ new projects are completed.

I can design your site with any requested platform; however, I have particular development experience with Joomla!, WordPress and oscommerce platforms.


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