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Nearly 40% of Internet time is now spent on mobile devices. Not getting a well designed mobile website could be costly, as frustrated mobile users will quickly move onto a website that they can easily view and navigate.

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The image to the left demonstrates the difference in layout that is required for a website to look right and perform properly on a mobile. Standard website layouts are difficult to see and navigate on a mobile phone. Even websites that are claimed to be “mobile friendly” are not sufficient, this is not the same as being specifically configured from ground-up to work correctly on mobiles.

Image comparing the difference between desktop and mobile websites on phonesTake a look at the following websites on both your desktop/laptop computer and then view them on your mobile to see the difference. Then do the the same with your own website to compare.

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For as little as £55 start cost, we will build you a mobile website to a truly custom level, which will include the use of bespoke images to closely reflect your existing websites aesthetics. This is further supported with HTML level refinement, ensuring a professional display. Here at Bloom, we use a software platform which displays well across multiple browsers on all Android devices and iPhones. We will travel to Bexley for a face to face meeting if a project is over £200.


We would take your existing website and create a mobile VERSION; this is not redeveloping/changing your existing website, this remains completely intact. It is like making a copy of your existing website and formatting that copy for usage by mobile phones. A feature is placed on your existing website so that when a mobile device is detected, it is redirected to the mobile version, that’s how it works.


See for yourself the difference between many websites out there not using mobile versions, ones that are claimed to be “mobile friendly” and those that are specifically tailored for mobile, as used by the major firms and websites such as: YouTube, Facebook etc. As if all this wasn’t enough, having a mobile version of your website also improves it’s SEO; here is a link to a write-up by four experts in the influential technology news, business and culture website TNW


Bexley in Greater London is one of the local areas Bloom will visit for a meeting in-person to discuss your website plans. We are truly local to the Bexley area, it falling within our maximum 25 mile range, so we are never further than a half-hour drive away for any training or guidance on E-Commerce, CMS control panels etc.


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