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Make a failing website successful

Have you had poor results from one of the large “self-build” hosting companies regarding bad graphical displays?

At Bloom, we can design a suite of replacement graphics for your existing self-built website at very competitive prices. This suite of graphics will be created to the exact dimensions of your current graphics collection, so will fit straight back in and totally transform your website without any disturbance to other website elements. Is the most cost-effective way to improve the look of any website.

Abstract image of a man building his own website. This is a promotional image for Website Redesign services


Sometimes a website can be failing to convert visits into sales because users might not consider it to be very engaging or professional looking enough to trust the products or services advertised on it. Even if you, the owner, think that your website looks OK, it is best to ask some people you know who are to the point, and compare it side-by-side with your competitors. Be honest with yourself and think: “is this really a competitive website?”. This consideration is besides any web marketing conclusions about your websites ranking and visibility.


The first aspects of a websites design that impacts on a visitors brain are: colour, layout and photos/graphics. These are the initial attention grabbers, and need to be instantly pleasing to hold a visitor so they don’t click right back out again, as quickly as they got in. Poorly thought-out colours can be inappropriate for certain kinds of business and send the wrong messages for the content. High quality photos and graphics also instantly convey professionalism to a visitors eye, just look at these on any leading brands website. This is what you need to be aiming for to some degree. These initial elements go “hand-in-hand” with an elegant layout, for the primary visitor response to a website. A cluttered, disorganised look is an instant “put off” to a visitor, causing confusion and frustration with not knowing what to look at first. The landing page needs to be instantly digestible, with the visitors eye being quickly drawn to what really matters on your website, a central point, to get the main message across first.


Once a visitors attention has been caught, the secondary aspects need to be right, to hold that attention and get them “involved” in the content. This is where powerful and clever copywriting comes in, to entice a reader to follow-through with any further investigation into the websites paragraph content and inner pages. These generally start with the “Header” text, to get the main message across first. From here, various clearly defined page elements and menus can further navigate the reader to any other pages of interest, ultimately toward a final goal of say, a purchase, or contact form, for example.


Greenwich in Greater London is one of the local areas Bloom will visit for a meeting in-person to discuss your website plans. We are truly local to the Greenwich area, it falling within our maximum 25 mile range, so we are never further than a half-hour drive away for any training or guidance on E-Commerce, CMS control panels etc.


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